Hotel Gasthof Unterwöger

Family business in 3rd generation


The hosts
Lugger family

The host family

The innkeeper Sepp sen. with his wife Lisa, the juior innkeepers Sepp and Helene, as well as the children Anna, Sepp and Laura - this is the extended family Lugger.


Gasthof Unterwöger is their home and the hub of young and old alike. House dog Gustl also watches everyone at work and always keeps a watchful eye on the colourful bustle.


And when the innkeepers pick up their instruments on some evenings to entertain the house guests with folk sounds, then the mood is really perfect.

The Staff Members Of
Hotel Gasthof Unterwöger

The Staff Members of
Hotel Gasthof Unterwöger

The eventful

The eventful history of
Hotel-Gasthof-Unterwöger in Obertilliach-East Tyrol

The history of Unterwöger Hotel-Inn in Obertilliach dates back to the 18th century The inn in Obertilliach, East Tyrol, was erected in 1790 according to the construction plans presented by the erector of the church, master builder and priest Franz de Paula Penz. Owner was the landlord zu Unterwöger of Obertilliach, Ignaz Peter Valtiner, who acquired the right to bear the house’s coat of arms. Ignaz Peter Valtiner, well-known in East Tyrol and beyond as landlord and drover, acted as patriotic Tyrolean rifleman in the regions of Gailtal and Pustertal valley, during the Tyrolean Rebellion of 1809 led by Andreas Hofer against Napoleon. After the French victory over Tyrol, Valtiner was executed with 12 other East Tyrolean riflemen by a French division under General Broussier. The inn in Obertilliach passed by the hands of Rienzer family (1810-1921) and Salcher family (1921-1960) to Lugger family in 1960. Eduard Lugger former owner renovated the building in 1965 and 1966 according to the directions of the Tyrolean Monuments Office. The inn reopened in March 1967 after completion of the works. Since then the Unterwöger inn is managed year-round as family business with own farm and butcher shop