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in Obertilliach & in Osttirol's Lesachtal



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Hiking in East Tyrol – Between The Lienz Dolomites & The Carnic Crest

East Tyrol and especially Lesachtal valley –
a hiking paradise far from mass tourism.

The favourable location between the Lienz Dolomites and the Carnic Alps gives the tourist plenty of possibilities to hike and mountaineer. You may experience unforgettable hours with stunning views on the sunny hills of hiking area “Golzentipp”, crossed also by the Gailtal valley high alpine path (easily reachable by Obertilliach Cable Car!), or along the crests of the Carnic Alps (Peace Trail – no. 403). Hiking and walking trails near the valley, along chilly brooks or through shady woods, but also alpine climbing tours at Obertilliach home mountain “Porze” complete the offer for mountain and sports fans.

We recommend 
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Our recommendations:


  • Golzentipp
  • Spitzköfele
  • Hoher Bösring
  • Steinrastl
  • Kircher Alm
  • Grenzlandwanderweg
  • Obstansersee Hütte - Pfannspitze

Bicycle Racing & Mountain Biking

Bicycle Racing & Mountain Biking
In Obertilliach And East Tyrol

East Tyrol offers a wide range of routes for bicycle racing
– from flat routes in the Lienz valley towards Carinthia or
to Iseltal valley towards Felbertauern. Or numerous challenging
routes like those across beautiful Lesachtal valley. Among the amateur
cycling classics ranks the Lienz Dolomites Cycling Tour leading through
Lesachtal and Tyrolean Gailtal valley passing by Obertilliach. Who copes
with this tour of 110 km leading across one of Austria’s most beautiful
landscapes can truly be proud.

Real mountain bikers find several challenging forest roads around Obertilliach, some of them are already known as MTB tracks. Up to mountain pasture Connyalm or via Tilliacher Joch to Italy? Whether pleasant or challenging… it is a great feeling to fill the lungs with fresh oxygen (and insiders state that tyres with mountain air from Obertilliach roll easier).

Also the many national Nordic ski teams that come in summer for training purposes, take the chance to explore this great nature landscape by mountain bike.

East Tyrol
a paradise
for mountain

Fishing – In Clear And
Whooshing Mountain Torrents

Fishing – In Clear And Whooshing Mountain Torrents



East Tyrol is a healthy habitat for fish. Where mountain creeks merge forming little ponds before flowing down to the valley towards the main rivers of Drau and Isel, there are plenty of possibilities to fish. Trouts and greylings are mainly caught… sometimes there is also a huchen. A special experience is fishing in lake Klapfsee near Obertilliach and in the 4 km long Dorferbach brook. The fishing right for both waters is held by the landlords, who allow their residents one “free fishing day” in Dorferbach beat between June 15 and September 30, hoping to familiarize them with the art of fishing. Who knows… maybe you make a good catch that the cook at Unterwöger inn will prepare for you?


Our Biathlon Centre in Obertilliach is also in summer the ideal training area for top teams & amateur sportsmen. In winter is not an insiders’ tip anymore, because many national and international competitions are held here. But also in summer athletes find at the Biathlon Centre East Tyrol a real training paradise. With the modern shooting range, the asphaltic courses and the sanitary and gastronomic amenities the biathlon centre leaves nothing to be desired. For further information check the Biathlon Centre Website.

Motorbike Tours – From Mount Großglockner To The Lienz & South Tyrolean Dolomites

Obertilliach represents – due to the exceptional position between the Lienz & South Tyrolean Dolomites – an ideal starting point for gorgeous motorbike tours through East Tyrol, Carinthia and South Tyrol. The great experience of riding a motorbike on twisty mountain roads and over alpine passes towards wonderful destinations - isn’t that great? There are beautiful motorbike tours starting at Obertilliach that can be handled as round trip too.

For example via various Italian alpine passes to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo and across the Dolomites – or a South Tyrol round trip via Staller Sattel or Defereggental valley, maybe a jaunt to Austria’s highest mountain via Großglockner High Alpine Road or a pleasant tour to the Carinthian lakes. Any more wishes?