Summer activities

in Obertilliach &  in the East Tyrolean Lesachtal


actively experiencing

the summer

Hiking in East Tyrol between the Lienz Dolomites & Carnic Ridge

East Tyrol and the Lesach Valley in particular - a hiker's paradise away from mass tourism.


The special location between the Lienz Dolomites and the Carnic Alps offers holidaymakers countless opportunities to be active.

Hiking on the sunlit slopes of our local mountain "Golzentipp", which is also crossed by the Gailtaler Höhenweg, or climbing tours on the Porze and the ridges of the Carnic ridge. There, every nature enthusiast gets his money's worth and can experience unforgettable hours with a great panoramic view.

The newly built play mile with 12 stations near the mountain station of the cable car offers all families a welcome change while hiking. But also the numerous resting places all around or the loungers around the reservoir invite you to enjoy the peace and quiet and to let your soul dangle.


Those who don't want to climb high can also explore the numerous easy hiking and walking trails around the village and enjoy nature.

we recommend

the following walking tips

We have prepared some great hiking tips for you:

  • Golzentipp
  • Spitzköfele
  • Hoher Bösring
  • Steinrastl
  • Kircher Alm
  • Grenzlandwanderweg
  • Obstansersee Hütte - Pfannspitze

Cycling & Mountain Biking in Obertilliach and East Tyrol

Cycling in East Tyrol

on the routes of the

G'iro D'italia & Giro del Trentino

East Tyrol offers a lot of variety for cycling.

From flat routeson the Lienz valley floor towards Carinthia or into the Iseltal towards Felbertauern.

Or countless challenging tours like the one through the beautiful Lesach Valley.


The Lienz Dolomites Cycle Tour is one of the classics of amateur cycling, which leads along the Lesachtal and Tyrolean Gailtal valleys and past Obertilliach.

You can be proud of yourself if you have mastered this 110 km long round that leads through one of the most beautiful landscapes in Austria.

Real mountain bikers will find a number of attractive forest trails around Obertilliach, some of which have already become famous as mountain bike trails.

Up to the Connyalm or even over the Tilliacher Joch to Italy?

Whether easy or demanding ... it's a wonderful feeling to fill your lungs with fresh oxygen. Insiders even claim that tyres filled with mountain air from Obertilliach would roll noticeably easier.


Also the many Nordic national ski teams, who train with us in summer in Obertilliach at the Bathlon Centre, take the opportunity to explore this great natural landscape while mountain biking in and around Obertilliach.

East Tyrol
a paradise
for mountainbiking

Fishing - on clear and wild downhill

rushing mountain streams

Fishing – on clear and wild downhill rushing mountain streams



East Tyrol is a healthy habitat for fish.


There are plenty of opportunities to indulge in fishing where mountain streams come together and the water collects in ponds before it flows further down the valley to the main rivers Drau and Isel.

Mainly trout and char are landed... A special experience is fishing in the Klapfsee near Obertilliach and in the 4 km long Dorferbach.


The fishing rights for these two bodies of water lie with the host family, who offer their guests a “free fishing day” in the Dorferbach area between June 15th and September 30th.

Who knows... maybe there's a great catch that the Unterwöger guesthouse kitchen will be happy to prepare for you?

Fishing in Obertilliach - fishing in untouched nature

Biathlon Center Obertilliach in summer

Even in summer, our Obertilliach Biathlon Center is the ideal training ground for top teams and amateur athletes.


It's no longer an insider tip in winter, as many national and international competitions are held... but athletes can also find their true training paradise in the Osttirol Biathlon Center in summer.

With the modern shooting range, the asphalt roller tracks and the sanitary and gastronomic amenities of the Obertilliach Biathlon Center, nothing is left to be desired.


Further information can be found on the biathlon center's homepage.


Motorcycle tours - from the Großglockner to the Lienz & South Tyrolean Dolomites

Obertilliach - due to the special location between Lienz and the South Tyrolean Dolomites

As an ideal starting point for wonderful motorcycle tours in East Tyrol, Carinthia and South Tyrol.

What could be nicer than riding a motorcycle over winding mountain roads and Alpine passes to great excursion destinations?

Due to the ideal location, many worthwhile motorcycle tours lead from Obertilliach in several directions, which can be completed as a round trip.


For example, over various Italian Alpine passes, past the Three Peaks and across the Dolomites.

Or a South Tyrol tour with a return via the Staller Sattel and the Defereggental.

How about a visit to Austria's highest mountain via the famous Großglocknerstrasse?

Or a pleasure tour to the Carinthian lakes, with swimming trunks in your luggage?


Biker heart, what more do you want?