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experience tradition


experience tradition

Long-standing traditions

Living village culture in East Tyrol, in the village center of Obertilliach - and our guests can directly participate in these East Tyrolean customs and traditions.


What would the villages of Tyrol be without their music bands and rifle companies?


They are an indispensable part of village culture and social coexistence. Locals and holiday guests appreciate the commitment of the club members and people like to meet up for a glass or enjoy listening to the sounds of an evening concert.

The marches on special days offer a colorful spectacle and are a popular photo opportunity. The Obertilliach folk dance group, as well as many smaller music groups that perform at various events, also sustainably enrich cultural life.


But Obertilliach also has something unique to offer - the only night watchman in Austria - Lugger Josef . He has been looking after Obertilliach and its 660 residents since 2021. With a lantern, halberd, coat and iron on his shoes, he makes his rounds in the streets of the historical village of Obertilliach.


On Tuesdays and Fridays, the night watchman starts his rounds at the church and sings the famous night watchman song. The night watchman has played an important role since Obertilliach was settled. He saved the clustered village with its wooden houses built close together from the fire. And that still makes sense. In recent years it has recognized some dangers such as chimney fires and serves far more than just tourist purposes.