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Auszeichnung "Bewusst Tirol"
und "Krone der Gastlichkeit"

Auszeichnung "Bewusst Tirol" und "Krone der Gastlichkeit"

At the beginning of November we were awarded by the Agrarmarketing Tirol to a "Bewusst Tirol" company, we were also awarded this award in the following years. Here are some photos of the AMTirol awards. Together with our favourite supplier, the Walcherhof in Kartitsch, we received the "Krone der Gastlichkeit" award from the "Genuss Region Österreich" and the "Kronen Zeitung. " The Walcherhof supplies us with the East Tyrolean cooking potato, called "Oskar. " We would like to thank everyone who voted for us!

Home-made Farm Products
& From Regional Partners


Our inn should be a place, where both guests and staff members feel good, and that we would gladly recommend to our best friends. On top of all considerations is set the guest’s well-being, who is not simply considered a paying individual, but a person who entrusts herself to the hotel’s hospitality and should therefore be treated accordingly.

Auszeichnung "Bewusst Tirol"
und "Krone der Gastlichkeit"

Our responsibility towards our guests

Dear guest, we engage ourselves to purchase the following products for the preparation of our meals preferably from the surrounding culinary regions:


  • Lamb: from Kerschbaumerhof farm in Leisach
  • Beef: from Unterwögerhof farm in Obertilliach or from Karnerta GmbH in Lienz
  • Veal: from the own farm, Unterwögerhof farm or from Karnerta GmbH in Lienz
  • Milk and dairy products: Tirol Milch supplied by Zuegg in Lienz/Debant
  • Potatoes: East Tyrolean table potatoes from RGO Lienz – supplied by Zuegg
  • Freshwater fish: from the own fishing beat at Dorfertal valley (brown trouts and chars) or by Zuegg (Zerza, Jöbstl) in Lienz/Debant
  • Eggs: Eierhandel Goldmund in Rohr (Styria)

Ausgezeichneter "Bewusst Tirol" Betrieb

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