Our alp

Pure nature


Our alpine pasture on the Carnic ridge

Peace & relaxation at 1.800m above sea level

Here, on the pasture at 1.800m above sea level, our cows find those nutritious alpine herbs and grasses that turn their meat into something special.

And we then process this special meat ourselves into all kinds of culinary delicacies for our inn, which you as a hotel guest can then enjoy "A la Carte" as part of half board.

Of course, a hearty snack also includes bacon and house sausages, which we also produce and mature in our own butcher's shop.

For our guests it is always an experience to come up to the mountain pasture to simply enjoy the peace and quiet.

Especially the children can let off steam undisturbed and find plenty of natural playgrounds, whether in the forest or on the meadow.