Our own products

from the farm


... the animals, who live there

A real farm...

With the construction of the new barn just outside Obertilliach, right next to the cross-country skiing and biathlon centre, Sepp and Helene have fulfilled their dream.

The mother cows and sheep with their young animals grow up on the farm, spend their summer holidays on the farm's own mountain pastures nearby and return to the barn in September.

You are welcome to come and see for yourself on a tour of the stables! Animal welfare and sustainability have been practised on this farm for generations!

...each animal individually!

Our animal breeds

The cattle breed "Tiroler Grauvieh" is one of the oldest cattle breeds in Europe.


Tyrolean Grey cattle are a very robust and undemanding breed. It is better adapted to the living conditions in the mountains.

Then there is the "brown mountain sheep".

It is also one of the oldest sheep breeds bred and native to Tyrol.  Like the Tyrolean grey cattle, these animals are very robust and down-to-earth.

Due to their vitality, grazing ability and surefootedness, they cope excellently on the alpine pastures and in the mountains. In addition, the animals are characterised by their excellent mothering qualities.

... and also quite busy

Our laying hens

120 brown laying hens have moved into the newly built henhouse and are obviously feeling comfortable there.


The fresh eggs are mainly used for the breakfast buffet, but of course also in the kitchen.

House dog "Gustl" is on duty every day and makes his rounds around the house and yard.

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