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  • Lugger family - the hosts at Unterwöger Hotel & Inn
  • Mili - the loyal dog at Unterwöger Hotel & Inn
  • Josef Lugger jun. family - Unterwöger Hotel & Inn
  • Josef Lugger jun. family with sheep at the alpine pasture

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The Host Family Unterwöger

A cordial welcome to the extended family


Landlord Sepp and his wife Lisa, junior landlord and landlady Sepp and Helene, the brothers and sisters Paul, Christiane and Maria – and many kids – this is Lugger family. The Unterwöger inn is their home and centre of their life and interests. Also dog Milla keeps a watchful eye on what is going on. Sometimes in the evening the landlords get their instruments to entertain the guests with folkloristic sounds – this makes the atmosphere at Unterwöger inn just perfect.



Host family Lugger at Unterwöger Hotel & Inn